Innovative Tech Tutoring

Bringing Silicon Valley to the Classroom

Work Hard

We offer private tuition & workshops in a range of applied technology subjects. We focus on skills which students are excited to build with: such as iOS app development and data visualization.


We use productivity techniques such as work sprints to make sure that class stays fresh. We use break-times creatively to keep energy levels high.

Work Harder

Our students have decided to take their projects forward on the back of their experience!

Our Offering to Students


Learn tech by making a tech product

If students want to build something, they will learn the tools to do so in the process.


Learn how to Learn

Students want to learn productivity techniques, such as those used to power Silicon Valley's technologists.


Learn to Work Together

Our agileEducators are safety certified and equipped with the agileEducation teaching methodology. They will facilitate a productive space, for students to share their knowledge with each other.


Leo T, 16-18.
agileAcademy: App Development

"The agileEducation way of teaching should be the way of every teacher. My teacher knew how to make us comfortable by letting us choose our project but also by giving advice and guiding us in the correct direction."

Filippo M, 19-25+.
agileTutoring: Applied Statistics

"It's amazing how much can be achieved in even one 90-minute agileTutoring session. The breaks meant that by the third 20-minute Sprint it felt like we had only just started. And afterwards, I was already understanding content in class better."

German N, 16-18.
agileAcademy: App Development

"agileEducation teaches students to collaborate, manage their own time and be as productive as possible."

Our Founder: Laurence (w4rner) Warner

Once upon a time in America...

As a returning Fulbright Scholar, agileEducation is one way Laurence hopes to share what he learnt in America's tech scene back home in the UK and beyond.


And now introducing for adults...

A Tech Workshop for Humans!